The Osaka University Tekijuku Commemoration Center was set up as a department of Osaka University. Designated as a National Historical Landmark and as a National Important Cultural Asset, its objectives are: to preserve and pass on the spirit of Tekijuku; to maintain and manage Tekijuku-related materials; to conduct research into and honor the achievements of OGATA Koan, his students and others related to Tekijuku; and to contribute to the advancement of academic and cultural research on Osaka, the birthplace of Tekijuku, and on the Netherlands, which has a close relationship with the learning provided at Tekijuku. The Center carries out the following major activities.

  • Maintaining and managing the Tekijuku building
  • Promoting Tekijuku through public relations activities
  • Preserving, maintaining, collecting, and utilizing Tekijuku-related materials, and compiling catalogues of such materials
  • Conducting activities that promote the research of the achievements of Tekijuku, OGATA Koan and other Tekijuku-related persons.
  • Issuing relevant publications
  • Organizing lectures and symposiums concerning Tekijuku and Japan-Netherlands academic exchange
  • Managing the Tekijuku Commemoration Association
  • Pursuing Osaka studies
  • Pursuing Dutch studies (on subjects such as the Netherlands’ history, medical history, culture, language, economics, and Japan-Netherlands exchange history, including research based on Tekijuku-related materials)
  • Accepting research fellows from the Netherlands

In addition, the Center will set up a room stocked with written reference materials related to Tekijuku within Osaka University Hall, thereby promoting research into Tekijuku, Osaka and the Netherlands, as well as other related fields. The reference room is currently being prepared and the Center will continue to augment the reference materials available in the room.

A special exhibition is held annually at Tekijuku around the anniversary of Koan’s death (June 10).