Tekijuku Commemorative Center Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Activities of Each Division

Division of Tekijuku Management

  • Activities related to the maintenance and management of Tekijuku
  • Activities related to publicity about Tekijuku
  • Activities related to the compiling and cataloging of Tekijuku-related materials in possession of Tekijuku, with the aim of making these materials available to the public
  • Activities related to the organizing of lectures
  • Activities related to the publishing of materials regarding Tekijuku studies
  • Activities related to publishing the Association’s journal “Tekijuku”
  • Activities related to the Tekijuku Commemoration Association

Division of Osaka Studies

  • Collection of Tekijuku-related materials
  • Academic research concerning Tekijuku
  • Academic research concerning Osaka studies

Division of Dutch Studies

  • Academic research into Dutch studies (on subjects such as the Netherlands’ history, medical history, culture, language, economics, and Japan-Netherlands exchange history, including research based on materials in possession of Tekijuku)
  • Planning and organizing international symposiums related to Tekijuku and Japan-Netherlands academic exchange
  • Accepting researchers from the Netherlands and coordinating classes and seminars given by these researchers, as well as joint research projects with them